Another conversation

I had a lot of time to think while sanding and varnishing 310 boxes. It might have been the fumes (or listening to a lecture on Mikhail Bakhtin), but, it occurred to me that the groups that constitute Galesburg must have differing ideas about what "community" is. Including those ideas as aprt of the images would create another kind of conversation across the community.

Imagine comparing the ideas about community by comparing thoughts from people in the retirement homes with high school kids, or, Knox professors with veterans at the VFW. If you want, complete one idea below in a few (10-15) and send it with your picture:

  •  Community is ________________. or
  • The common good is _____________________. or
  • Galesburg is best when ____________________________. or
  • What I value about Galesburg is ______________________________. or
  • Something else you thought of or read. 

    Send your idea with your name and picture to